FocalPoint Software

Dividia’s innovative IP access control software is simple, effective and scalable. It uses IP access control for alarm monitoring, building automation control, and integration with existing smart building technologies.

Scalable Security for Any Business

When connected to a HID EdgeReader or any card reader fitted with the EdgePlus unit, the FocalPoint software can store up to 44,000 cards or credentials. Its user-friendly interface enables security personnel to control and power all access devices, and allows unlimited user-customized fields. Built with user-friendly graphics and large icons, FocalPoint makes it easy to manage who can go where and when.

FocalPoint software supports cardholder images, handicapped features, operator routing and access control exceptions. The program also buffers up to 5,000 transactions if power is disrupted and uploads the transactions when power is restored, providing security even when offline. When necessary, a central IP installation is available without the need for a security closet.

Remote Access Control

FocalPoint Freedom maintains the security of a client/server system while providing remote, app-based access from anywhere in the world. With client-defined settings, you can authorize specific users the ability to control the following onsite functions from the FocalPoint Freedom app from any smart device:

  • Lock, unlock, grant access or disable readers or groups of readers at any entry points
  • View all system activity, filtered by type
  • Receive and acknowledge alarm notifications
  • Deactivate or reactivate cardholders already in the system
  • Deactivate or reactivate operators if authorized within the database

Learn More About FocalPoint

  • Download the ASI Data Sheet >> Click Here
  • Explore FocalPoint Freedom on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store