Dividia I-Site is a custom built security device that provides surveillance, theft deterrence, smart object detection, and time-lapse video creation capabilities. With features like cloud storage and native mobile applications, checking in on your project has never been easier!

If you want to work smarter not harder,
choose I-Site to secure your next construction or remote surveillance project

Just because you aren't physically onsite doesn't mean you can't stay on top of what is happening onsite

Video and images upload to the cloud

Access your site from anywhere, on any device

Motion based recording so you can can view what matters most

3MP high-definition camera(s) are standard

Advanced object detection algorithm determines people, vehicles, and other objects

Create time-lapse videos from still images on the fly

Save Images and videos to share



✔ Minimal setup

You provide power and a mounting point and we do the rest

✔ Cloud based storage

Access your site from anywhere, on any device

✔ Hi-res camera(s) standard

Super clear images for highly detailed photos and video

✔ Advanced Object detection

Artificial intelligence can detect between people, vehicles and several other object types

✔ Time-lapse video creation

Get a video overview of your entire project in a simple click

✔ Share images and video

Images and video can easily be download and shared

Pricing and Options

Initial / One time Charges *

Recuring Monthly Charges *

$199 system activation

$150 subscription charge

$25 cellular activation charge

$50 camera rental charge (per camera)

$50 data charge (per 5GB)

* Does not include on-site service calls and/or installation charges

Save time and money with an I-Site system installation.

Remote site security and management have never been easier!


Web browser interface supports all major browsers


No cost IOS and Android Apps

Check out the demo I-Site time-lapse video below and contact us today to learn more about how your next project could benefit by using I-Site by Dividia Technologies!

Warranty and Additional Information

100% coverage on installed system components including cameras. *additional onsite service charges may apply

In the event that installed equipment is lost or stolen while in customer possession the following charges apply:

A base fee of $1000 that shall decrease monthly by the amount of $100 with the minimum fee for lost or stolen equipment being $250.

Frequently Asked Questions about Isite Security

Q: What is the maximum number of camera per isite device?

A: Currently we are limiting each individual isite device to 2 cameras. There are several reasons for this which we would be happy to talk over with you. If you have the need for additional cameras please contact us and we can work through your specific site needs.

Q: How much storage do the devices have and how much data can I expect to have access to at any time?

A: The devices themselves have 128GB of internal storage data available. The number of days that a device will keep in this storage varies greatly by the number of motion events as well as camera type, and several other factors. Our customers report that they are typically getting between 4-10 days of on device storage

Q: What is saved in the cloud storage and how long do I have access to it?

A: All images for compiling time-lapse footage for your project is stored for the life of your project. Any video or additional images are available for 30 days from the time they were recorded via the cloud service and after that time will be rolled over to accommodate new images and video.
*longer term storage is available for an increased monthly fee

Q: Does Dividia provide 24 hour monitoring for I-Site systems?

A: We do not actively look in on your video project around the clock and cannot notify you directly of any events including potential theft, etc. However, we do have automated notifications that alert us when the system is down so we can reach out, diagnose the issue, and get you back up and running should this need arise. In future we will be adding text/email alerts for activity criteria that you will be able to customize. This development is currently in progress and this answer will be updated upon release of that feature.

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