Network Video Servers

Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Servers (NVS) allow Dividia Technologies clients to capture analog and digital video and images for direct storage, cloud storage, and direct download capabilities. The Linux-based operating systems provide a stable and reliable platform for proprietary Divida software that is easy to learn and operate from any device.

Dividia NVR System Options

Dividia was founded to bring the latest digital video technology to residences and companies of all sizes.

Multiple NVR systems can be utilized together using our Enterprise Viewing software. This allows systems to communicate with one another and provide easy navigation from one system to the next using a single interface.

DIVIDIA NVR systems offer:

  • Zero software install
  • Scalable camera licensing
  • Remote viewing on any internet-connected smart device
  • View multiple NVRs in one window with Enterprise Viewer

View a Demo

View a demo of Dividia Technologies NVR system.