Access Control Systems & Intercom

Maintain full control of building or site access with Dividia Technologies access control systems. Our consultants and technicians will help you determine which of the Access Specialties International solutions best suit your needs.

Every Dividia Technologies client has a unique system of access control products and software to ensure top-tier security that is stable, integrates well with existing systems, and provides excellent security and peace of mind.

Build a secure point-of-entry access control system that utilizes modern technology to verify that only authorized personnel gain entry to your site or building.

Access Products

Dividia Technologies provides turnkey service for all our access products, as well as training and support for onsite security teams:

Verifiable credentials with embedded security features and photo ID creation for any size business.

Touchless and easy-to-use readers for single, dual, and triple authentication options, depending on security level needs.

 Define your own access code and control door or gate entry.

Put access control into the hands of anyone you select without requiring them to sit at a desk.

Allow immediate and safe exits for everyone inside your secure facility in case of emergency.

Control one access point or multiple points of entry and different authentication levels from one integrated multi-functional panel.

Hard-wiring challenges won’t stop Dividia Technologies from helping you secure your site. Explore our wireless options for buildings, remote entry gates, and elevators.

Intercom Systems

Dividia Technologies works with AIPhone to supply our clients with the best-of-the-best in intercom hardware and technology. We offer many solutions ranging from full video/audio intercoms across multiple facilities, to simple audio intercoms used at the front door of small business.

Intercom solutions can be used in conjunction with existing access control or our Focal Point system to increase communication capabilities and approve or deny entry status. Intercoms can also be used as a standalone product where video or audio communication is needed, without access control integration.