Alarms & Monitoring

Trust Dividia Technologies for total commercial and residential alarm systems and monitoring, offering you peace of mind at ultra competitive rates. Dividia Technologies is an authorized dealer and can provide complete alarm system customization, installation, and monitoring services and remote, app-enabled smart controls for your home or business. Service through Dividia in partnership with comes with:
  • Remote security system control with free mobile apps for all major smart devices
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts for alarm and non-alarm activities
  • Instant awareness of important events via customized email and text message

The emPower Advantage

Instantly access and control thermostats, lights, small appliances and door locks from the convenience of your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone. The remote management system offers complete automation with a dynamic rules engine, schedules, and unique access code options built just for your needs.

Residential & Commercial Monitoring Packages:


$24.99 - $44.99

per month


$32.99 - $52.99

per month

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